Second Chance Outreach, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that operates parallel to Second Chance Consulting, LLC. Established in 2009, Second Chance Outreach recognized the need to establish partner-relationships with community-based, faith-based and other organizations in order to shape sustainable solutions for adults, youths and families in underserved areas, with an initial target area of the Acre Homes community in Houston, Texas.  

Second Chance Outreach services encompass a diverse range of educational programs to include health education, job readiness and career counseling. Program outcomes are designed to equip individuals and communities with the knowledge and/or abilities to make better and informed decisions regarding health, career and job options. Thereby empowering individuals to make a more meaningful positive impact on their families and communities.


A. Teens and adults: To prepare for the workforce, post-secondary education and society. (Individual and group sessions available).

1. Job & College readiness 
2. Mentoring
3. Life skills 
4. Career Counseling (choosing a career)
5. Job placement
6. Health Education; Prevention & Wellness

B. Law Enforcement/Correctional Personnel: Creating a safe and positive working environment.
Training for existing and new officers:

​1. Identifying disruptive behavior
2. Criminal charges associated with contraband and drug trafficking
3. Safety measures
4. Risk assessment
5. Long and short term consequences of job-related stress
6. Using current facility data to set benchmarks for improvement.
7. Outcomes measurement based on best practices
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